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24 December 2012 @ 11:11 am
everything is connected  
Another month has come and gone, and with it have come more changes. This time the changes have been positive, due to prayer and my constant need to be better. The things have remained the same (more or less), but the way I handle them has changed. I struggle to let things slide by instead of letting them fester inside me. Negativity only breeds misery and I don't need more of that in my life. Not to say I don't get discouraged or lost, we all do. It's a part of the human experience, but I've been trying to rise above all that. But I don't want to dwell on that, just going to give a brief update of the important things that have happened since my last post.

Thanksgiving: was amazing. Rufus came to the house and he seemed to really enjoy himself. It felt good to share my home with him and when I came back from vacation, he asked if he could come to my house again. He was very sociable with my family (in his own way) and he stuck close to me. The cats were good with him...which was something I was worried about (I assumed Tucker would hide but he actually stayed in the living room the whole day). My family was actually peaceful on Thanksgiving which was a blessing in and of itself.

The cruise: it had its high and low points. Relaxation was the key highlight of the cruise. The ship was beautiful and the shows were entertaining. One night we watched Dirty Dancing under the stars which was really cool. I got more sleep and relaxed more in that week than I have in the past six months. It did a lot of good things for my psyche. It helped me regain my focus on work and myself which is something I had lost sight of prior to this. But the downside to the cruise was my sickness. I caught a stomach virus a few days into the cruise which left me sick and weak during our time in the Virgin Islands (I only got to see St. Thomas). So I spent more time in my room than I did off ship which wasn't all bad. The Virgin Islands were more commercialized than some of the other islands I've been to. A lot more wealth than I'm used to seeing in the Caribbean. While the Virgin Islands were beautiful, I would rather go back to Honduras or Cozumel in the future (if we ever do a cruise in the Caribbean again).

Work: there has been a lot of drama but as always, the clients make up for that. The day I went back to work after the cruise, the clients were all over me. Leslie gave me a thousand hugs and pressed her nose against mine (she's a very close hugger). Trinh laughed, smiled, and leaned on my shoulder all the way from her house to the school (I walk her from home to school every morning and she usually drags me there instead of loving on me). Rufus told me he missed me at least 30 times. Walter asked me about my boat ride 100 times and gave me 10 hugs. Casey asked where I was at least 100 times. Suzanne waved and smiled at me (she doesn't say much and she rarely expresses affection for us). All of that was really nice to come back to. I felt loved and I felt missed. Another highlight was Suzanne's birthday. I bought her a shirt and put it in a gift bag before she got to the school. She kept peeking in the bag and when I told her it was hers, she took it out and laughed. It was so cute. She ended up putting the shirt on before the end of the day, but she was giddy about it all day. It was good to do something good for her. I always feel better when I'm doing something for someone else.

To continue on the work thread, I went to work on Saturday for the Christmas play the clients have been practicing for all month. They did a nativity scene and sang a few Christmas songs (Rudolph, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, and Jingle Bell Rock). I was "behind the scenes" with the clients so I didn't get to see it but I heard a few people cried. Luckily, someone filmed it so I'll be able to see it after I go back to work. Everyone was well behaved and the families that were there seemed to really enjoy it. It felt good to be a part of it and it was nice to see the clients "off the clock".

And I wonder if all of these things are connected to one another. The more I try to be positive, the more good that I've seen in my life and the lives of others. Which has also changed the way I feel when certain things happen to me (I still get upset and stressed but I've been trying not to react to it). There's been so much tragedy in the world...but I've also seen the good that's out there. In my life and the lives of others. Good can come out of tragedy and chaos. I still believe that...maybe that makes me naive but I wouldn't want it any other way.

I talk about these things to set a record for myself...so I'll be able to read this entry in the future and remember these things. So if anyone actually read it, kudos to you for sticking with it. Now I'm off here...getting ready to take Rufus to Burger King for lunch then I'm going out tonight for a Christmas Eve service at a local park. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. :)
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